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Plastic products business revenue improved profit growth out
    National Bureau of Statistics data show that in the first half of the 7140 business year statistical production was 34,807,400 tons of plastic products, an increase of 1.46 percent over the size of the plastic products enterprises realized a total main business income of 998.464 billion yuan, an increase of 6.55%; total profit 558.88 billion yuan, up 12.48 percent. China plastics Processing Industry Association executive vice president Cao Jian said plastic products significantly improved business efficiency, the main business revenue and profit growth are higher than output growth.
    Cao Jian said that under the new economic normality, focusing on plastics business restructuring, industrial upgrading, technological innovation, the role has emerged in the first half of profits. At the same time, some of the less benefit small businesses due irresistible shrinking export market and downward pressure on the domestic economy, had to change jobs or go bankrupt. Part of the backward technology companies out, under the new normal industry adjustments inevitable. Plastics industry is further subjected to structural adjustment and industrial upgrading, and constantly enhance the capability of independent innovation. Some leading companies have explored a new way of innovation-driven development, Zhejiang Zhongcheng Packing Material Co., Ltd., Tianjin Plastics Research Institute and other enterprises on innovation and technology upgrading achieved remarkable success, leading the development of the industry.
    Cao Jian introduced, many branches of the plastics industry, the gap between the different sub-sectors is also relatively large. The first half of the foam to complete production of 1.097 million tons, an increase of 13.58%, is the fastest growing in all sectors, mainly due to growth in fresh food packaging materials and preservation of agricultural products; and the fastest decline in leather and synthetic leather industry, to achieve production 1,608,700 tons, fell by 5.65%, mainly due to exports and environmental protection in addition to increasing costs, but more important is the financial risk caused by guaranteed loans allow enterprises to production and management trouble.
    Plastic pipe production increased slightly, but the situation is different pipeline products differ. China Plastic Association Secretary-General Wang Zhanjie plastic pipe special committee, said that the real estate industry downturn, a slight decrease in the amount of pipeline construction; thanks to the transformation of urban drainage network, urban pipe gallery construction and other infrastructure construction, increase the amount of municipal pipelines ?? In the first half of this year some large production and operation performance is good, production increased 5% to 15%. Wang Zhanjie plastic pipe production and management in the second half is expected to more optimistic, he believes, the real estate new construction growth is likely to be improved in the fourth quarter, with the shantytowns, accelerate the construction of new urbanization, residential construction area will be a steady increase in demand for plastic pipe will rise. At present, China vigorously promote the 16 pilot cities sponge comprehensive pipe gallery pilot 10 underground cities will be launched in the second half, including underground comprehensive pipe gallery pilot city plans to build 10 underground pipeline Gallery 389 one thousand meters within three years, The total investment of 35.1 billion yuan this year, we should start 190 kilometers. These projects will give the plastic pipe industry to provide new opportunities.
    Bio-based plastics in the plastics industry regarded as an emerging industry, small scale, but it ushered in the spring of industrial development in 2015. Secretary-General of China Plastic Association Professional Committee of degradable plastics Wengyun Xuan told reporters that the first half of 2015, production and exports increased bio-based plastic products both exceeded 20 percent, the best performance ever.
    Over the past few years, bio-based plastics has been a wall flower wall incense, export volume has been greater than domestic consumption. Jilin Province, a paper "ban plastic order" to open the bio-based plastic products in the domestic market solution space. In the first half, Jilin bio-based plastics consumption reached 2,000 tons, the recent three-month growth is particularly evident. At the same time, from the beginning of the second half of last year, Europe has stepped up policy support for bio-based plastics, biodegradable plastic products international market consumption also continued to rise, driven by the export trade.
    "With the continuous improvement of environmental standards at home and abroad, the application of petroleum-based plastics will be more and more limited, the application of bio-based plastics will be gradually expanded, is expected in the second half both domestic and international markets will maintain rapid growth Moreover, with the increase in market demand, economies of scale will gradually appear, will gradually reduce product prices, which in turn is conducive to further expand market share. bio-based plastics industry is entering a virtuous cycle. "Weng Yunxuan representation.

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