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Plastics industry, "Thirteen Five" forward to the
    This year is the "second five" plan to wrap up, from the "second five" plan view of the implementation of the objectives of the "planning" OK, targets, tasks, work, etc. Basically, can be smoothly achieved. Plastics processing industry maintained a steady development, structural adjustment made positive progress, quality and efficiency has been continuously improved, and gradually establish and improve the innovation system, significantly speed up technological progress, the equipment level of autonomy increased steadily, energy saving achieved positive results.
    "Thirteen Five" period, in order to speed up transformation and upgrading of the plastics processing industry as the key to improve the plastics processing industry of independent innovation capability as the core, new materials, new technology, new equipment and new product focus, vigorously implement the catch-up strategy, efforts to narrow the gap with developed countries, vigorously implement the high-end strategy, and comprehensively improve the quality of its industry. Accelerate the improvement of innovation system, and vigorously promote two of the depth of integration, and strive to achieve new breakthroughs in intelligent manufacturing, digital manufacturing, network manufacturing. Downward pressure is still larger in recent years, the plastics industry has made steady and healthy development of the good results, but facing the industry environment, the situation is still very grim, at the same time see the results, should calmly analyze the problems.
    First, the downward pressure on the growth rate continued to slow down. Plastics processing industry, after "five" an average of 20.1% of the high-speed growth, the growth rate of the "five" period continued to slow down. 2011 products output growth of 22.35%; in 2012 dropped to 8.99%; 2013 was 8.02%; in 2014 the growth rate of 7.44 percent, according to the increase in the first quarter of 2015 continued to decline, it is expected to "five" average growth speed is about 10%, than the "Eleventh five-Year" annual growth rate decreased by about 10 percentage points, indicating that the plastics processing industry is entering a new normal in slow growth.
    Second, benefits decline, business difficulties increased. Current production factor costs continue to increase, resources and environment, energy constraints comprehensively enhance corporate profit margins have been greatly compressed. Industry-wide profit growth declining by 32.5 per cent in 2011 to 2014 of 4.24%. At the same time in 2014 business income margin was 5.8%. Basic rates for bank loans is quite far below their actual lending rates, resulting in business benefits not only poor, but also make loans, loans expensive problem more prominent.
    Third, structural and periodic overcapacity illnesses have not been effectively alleviated. Structured, periodic overcapacity is irrational product mix plastic processing industry concentrated expression, is to achieve healthy and sustainable development is a major obstacle. Currently low excess capacity issue is not effectively addressed the needs of the regional market, caused the blind introduction of periodic overcapacity, yet effectively resolve, but still need to import large quantities of high-end products, biaxially oriented packaging film industry in general has not been resolved serious overcapacity under the circumstances, the lithium-ion battery separator production capacity is expected to reach 2.3 billion square meters in 2015, much higher than the global demand, and the formation of new overcapacity, while the proportion of high-end imported diaphragm up to 90% of the entire diaphragm import rate of 70%.
    "Thirteen Five" forward to the end From 2014 onwards, China Plastic Products Association launched the "Thirteen Five" planning work in fully absorb many entrepreneurs, experts, opinion of the special committee on the basis of each, to sixth five Council of "Thirteen "Preliminary planning framework V. "Thirteen Five" is a critical period for China to complete the final sprint of a well-off society, China's middle-income countries by the high-income countries move towards the minimum threshold of important historical stage, while the value of new round of technological revolution, the industrial revolution and of speeding up the tide the intersection of important nodes historic development pattern formation, is to deepen reform and opening up, to the way, the crucial period of structural adjustment, plastics processing industry is an important period to grow stronger. Against this backdrop, "Thirteen Five" for the most basic requirements plastics processing industry should be both well-off to fully meet the needs of the community but also into the level of development and preliminary high-income countries to adapt, the most fundamental is the basic task is to enter Under the new normal speed of growth, and comprehensively promote the plastic processing industry towards high-end industries, accelerate and promote industrial upgrading. About "Thirteen Five" speed, product planning framework proposed in "Thirteen Five" period increased by 7% to 8%, now we need to listen carefully to the views, to make it more scientific, more instructive. One major consideration plastics processing industry as an emerging industry started late, demand for big, big development space, with space and the potential for rapid growth. Second, plastic tubing, profiles and other products now carry a large amount of rational track of normal development, while under the "lightweight", "heavy" to "light" trend accelerated, so the amount of growth will give way to the improvement of quality, speed It is more rational.
    "Thirteen Five" focus on the development of the plastics industry and product direction as follows:
    First, focus on the development of versatile, high-performance materials and additives. Plastics processing industry should focus on the development and application of new materials. Strictly enforce the "Food Safety Law" to strengthen production and quality control of food-grade resin material. Accelerate high-end polyolefin pipes Compound, multi-standard rotational Compound, 3D printing plastic supplies, medical plastic, bio-plastic packaging materials and other special materials development and production. Accelerate conductivity, thermal conductivity, temperature, antibacterial, antifungal, development and application of high toughness, super, fire and other multi-purpose alloys. Accelerate the aromatic heterocyclic polymers and high-performance composite materials, special engineering plastics and high-performance materials, production and application of modified tightly around efficiency, low toxicity and harmless, vigorously develop green plasticizers, heat stabilizers such as the production and application.
    Second, focus on high-end, to accelerate the occupancy rate increased in the high-end products. To strengthen the selectivity of the porous film development, and strive in microfiltration, ultrafiltration, nanofiltration, reverse osmosis membrane membrane materials and set film breakthrough. Strive to make breakthroughs in high-end battery separators, the new optical film, new flexible screen film. Focus on the development of bio-based plastic auto parts, bio-based plastic packaging products, high performance PVC building templates, large diameter high strength polyolefin drainage and sewage pipe production. Further promote the production and application of ecological synthetic leather polyurethane, no solvents. Strengthening of waste plastics, especially car modification, application of engineering plastics with high added value.
    Third, accelerate the development of plastic equipment. Speed up plastic equipment intelligence, digital transformation, vigorously develop small, ultra-precision, ultra-high speed and intelligent control processing equipment, providing advanced equipment and production lines for the manufacture of intelligent, digital manufacturing, network manufacturing. Internet + era in meeting the industry, we must lay the foundation for the "new era of hardware."
    Fourth, accelerate the development of green, energy efficient new molding processes. To speed up the ultrahigh molecular weight polyethylene molding technology, to accelerate the popularization and application of supercritical CO2 foam technology, accelerate the promotion of energy-saving technologies such as electromagnetic induction.

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