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Fifteenth China Plastics Exhibition reload debut
    China Plastics Fair came into being at the beginning of this century, the first held since 2001, after 14 years of development, China Plastics Fair has become a comprehensive display of China's plastics industry status window, plastic raw materials, products, machinery, machine tool "four in one "plastic chain shows the pattern has become more mature, plastic Fair has become a multi-faceted showcase China's plastics industry, strongly attracted important international procurement platform, but also many domestic and foreign enterprises and related plastics professionals will choose to participate in important exhibitions
    September 21, 2015 - 24 days, the fifteenth session of the China Plastics Fair (China PEC'2015) "held a grand Zhejiang Taizhou International Convention and Exhibition Centre (Bridge), is expected to the exhibition area of 35,000 square meters, booth 1600, is expected to 600 exhibitors, professional audience of more than 40,000 people, overseas buyers thousands of people involved in more than 30 countries. In addition to Europe, Malaysia, the Philippines mold, Sri Lanka Association will continue to participate in the exhibition, the Republic of Korea, Thailand, India, Africa and Benin, Guatemala, Bangladesh, nearly 10 countries will send delegations to participate in the plastics-related industries fifteenth session of the China plastics Fair is expected, the fifteenth session of the China plastics Fair in terms of number of exhibitors and visitors will have a number of aspects of leap breakthrough ?? After 14 years of temper, this year Sept. 21 - held on the 24th of the 15th China Plastics Fair, compared with the previous will present more highlights.
    One bright spot: an international event, the first time in fifteen years back again Held "China (International) Plastic Taizhou Forum" during the exhibition. With the upgrading of the plastics industry, for small business owners, fine, fine can lead to small brainstorming meeting demand more strongly. The forum has hit small seminiferous ground gas, small meeting pragmatic will attract nearly 300 domestic and foreign enterprises in the industry will carry out face to face negotiations, and to the world plastics industry trends and international trade to be high-end interpretation.
    Highlights II: promotion of international breakthrough, achieved remarkable results overseas investment This year the international promotion of plastic Fair made a historic breakthrough. Since the end of last year has been to plastic Fair personnel European Union, India, Thailand, Korea, Malaysia, Taipei, Shanghai, Chongqing, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu and other places to carry plastic Fair special promotion, we have been a strong focus on domestic and foreign trade organizations. Meanwhile, the committee full use of overseas embassies and trade institutions, embassies as well as the organizers, the contractor of overseas resource units, the introduction of foreign bulk buyers and exhibitors, the effect is very good. It is reported that this year the number will reach overseas tours in history.
    Highlight three: dimensional propaganda system across the board escort, radiation broader information In addition to the exhibition organizing committee widespread use of mobile terminals, PC terminals and other new media, international promotion, this year to strengthen the small minority of media (such as micro-channel, information) to focus on its key customers. At the same time, many hundreds of carefully selected media advertising, through the integration of print, outdoor, TV, radio, Internet five media have focused to carry out all-round, multi-angle, multi-level advocacy.
    Highlights four: New agricultural plastic region With national attention on agriculture, modern agriculture is the intensification, industrialization, internationalization, characteristic development, agricultural plastic is not only China's continued prosperity of agriculture, is one of the pillar industries of the world's advanced countries in agriculture.
    The exhibition introduced agricultural plastic, mainly in Taizhou and the surrounding agricultural plastic products mainly direct docking of large agricultural and agricultural market, will also inject new vitality into the China Plastics Fair.

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